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The Terego Host Experience


What is Terego?

Terego is a network that consists of thousands of RV travellers wishing to discover regional products and their artisans, and hundreds of Canadian hosts. The mission of Terego is to promote these connections in a simple and organized way.

In addition, Terego offers free visibility on web and social networks for hosts.

In order to enjoy the benefits of Terego you only have to offer between 1 and 5 parking spaces without hookups (without electricity, water or toilets) to RV travellers who visit you for a single-night stop.

At any time, you can change the availability of your parking spaces. When a traveller books an overnight stay, you are immediately notified by email.




Up to 5

parking spaces

available for travellers



for one night only


Join the network


Free and flexible registration

1. Determine how many parking spaces you want to offer to RV travellers (between 1 and 5).

2. Read the Terms of Use - Hosts. (Member travellers must also accept terms of use)

3. Sign up online. It's free!

4. We will contact you within the following days to answer your questions and finalize your registration.

You can opt out of the network at any time by giving a 30 day notice.

Testimonials from our hosts

Nathalie Kerbrat

L'Érablière du Sanglier / Sanglier et Compagnie

«I had almost 40 visitors: extraordinary encounters with people who were more than friendly, rewarding exchanges, sharing experiences and trips with members, and a rising income. A thousand thanks.»

Lesley Commandant

Johnston's Cranberry Marsh & Muskoka Lakes Winery

«I found that all Terego members whom I encountered to be most pleasant. It is a pleasure to deal with your clients.»

Jean Morin

Fromagerie du Presbytère

«Very positive! We got a lot of visitors, even though we are far away from the major tourist routes. If the Earth were flat, St. Elizabeth of Warwick would be at the end, on the edge of that last ravine! We met interesting – and interested – people who had time to stop and ask questions. It's a form of slow tourism that I like.»

Paul Leblanc

Smokie Ridge Vineyard

«It is a good way to take your first steps in agrotourism and generate sales. On average, campers bought between two and six bottles of wine during their RV stay.»

Do you want to become
a host member?

All the operators of a company producing, transforming or selling local products or a company offering regional tourism activities are welcome in the network:

  • Your company is located in Canada.
  • You offer between one and five parking spaces to allow overnight RV subscribers who visit you.
  • These spaces are on flat ground, in a pleasant environment and easy to access.

Complete this form and Terego will contact you to validate and finalize your registration.

1. Company profile

2. Company details

Postal address

3. Proposed products and activities


4. Who referred you to Terego

Become a member today


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