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Specific terms of use for travellers

Updated on February 12, 2019

Welcome to the Terego web site. Terego (hereinafter described as the “Site”) makes available to terroir Hosts a web platform allowing them to offer free parking spaces to subscribing member RV travellers. Over and above the sale of memberships and passports, essential for accessing the terroir Hosts network, the Site also offers the online sale of associated products, such as gift certificates and accessories.

By accessing the Site and navigating through it, you are deemed to have read and accepted the Personal Information Confidentiality Policy described in Annex 1.

Article 1. Sales Conditions

The following sales conditions apply to all sales completed on the Site.

a)Product availability and shipping delays

A delay of about three (3) working days is customary for gift certificates, passports and events tickets orders. For memberships and other articles orders, there is an additional treatment and shipping delay of 5 to 15 working days.


Prices shown on the Site are in Canadian dollars, before taxes and shipping fees, as applicable. All orders are payable in Canadian dollars. The purchase price is payable in totality, including applicable taxes and shipping fees, in a single payment at time of purchase.

c)Shipping fees

In the case of purchases other than memberships, passports, gift certificates and event tickets, shipping fees covering handling and packing costs, as well as postal/delivery costs are charged to the client. They are established according to the type of delivery selected by the client when ordering, the shipping address, the number of articles ordered and the total amount of the order, before taxes.

There are no shipping charges for subscriptions, passports, gift certificates and event tickets.


Orders made on the Site have to be paid on the external Paypal transactional platform which accepts the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Even if you do not have a Paypal account, you can complete the transaction using one of the accepted credit cards on the Paypal site. The client will be subject to the terms of use of the Paypal platform when completing the transaction. The Terego Site does not take nor keep any information related to bank cards.


The sale of memberships, passports, event tickets and gift certificates is final. No refund is authorized.

Article 2. Specific Conditions of use for member travellers

As an RV traveller, when you become a member of the service, you first need to provide the necessary information for your registration and you need to accept and be bound by the specific Terms of Use for member travellers (hereinafter described as the « Contract »).

a) The Contract is between Terego, headquartered at 306-7400 blvd Saint-Laurent, Montreal (Quebec) H2R 2Y1; and YOURSELF, registering to the service (hereinafter described as the « Client ») with your coordinates as provided in the registration form. A confirmation email with a copy of the Contract will be forwarded to the email address provided in the registration process.

b) The Terego email is: info@terego.ca

c) The contract becomes valid on the date of your registration, as confirmed by the confirmation email sent to the Client. A member card will also be sent to the Client by mail.

d) The Contract allows the Client to access a web reservation platform hosted on the web site terego.ca of Terego (hereinafter described as the « Platform ») in order to reserve parking spaces without services being offered by various hosts and businesses involved in rural activities/exploitation (hereinafter described as « Hosts ») allowing to park RVs for one night. These parking spaces are offered free of charge to Clients of Terego. However, the offer is limited and requires a proper reservation by the Client, for which the Client needs to use the reservation system provided on the Platform.

e) The yearly membership to the Platform is at the agreed-upon price, as indicated on the Platform. For the purpose of completing the membership process, the Client will be redirected to the external financial transaction platform known as Paypal. Paypalnotably accepts the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa and American Express. The Client, for the purpose of completing the payment, will be subject to the terms of use of this external financial transaction platform.

f) No other fees will be charged to the Client. Hosts are committed to Terego to offer, free of charge, a specific number of parking spaces to Clients of Terego.

g) The Client understands that Terego is solely a service allowing Hosts to offer and post parking availabilities for RVs, to the benefit of Clients. Without restricting the scope of the above service, it is understood that Terego is not a travel agency nor a legal representative of the Hosts.

h) The Client understands that Terego is not responsible for the quality nor the number of parking spaces available at the time the Client wishes to make a reservation.

i) The Client understands that, upon purchasing the membership, the sale is final and any reimbursement will not be accepted. Moreover, the membership cannot be transferred, loaned, sold nor rented to a third party.

j) The Client agrees that, when a specific reservation is made at a Host’s place, Terego will transmit the following information to the Host: The Client’s complete name, phone number, RV model and length as well as the license plate number. The Client may also contact Terego directly for any information or questions related to reservations.

k) The use of the Platform is subject to the following restrictions:

  • The Client, when visiting Hosts, agrees to abide by the commitments towards hosts, listed in an Annex to this document. In accepting this Contract, the Client confirms having read and understood these commitments.

  • Any exchange, resale or rental to a third party of the Platform digital content is strictly forbidden.

  • It is forbidden to use the Platform for a third party or to allow a third party to use it without a membership.

  • The Client agrees to abide by the platform collection and protection of personal information policy, described in an Annex to this document. In accepting this Contract, the Client confirms having read and understood this Policy.

l) The present Contract gives the right to the Platform complete access for one year. The usual period for parking spaces availability is normally between May and November, according to local climate conditions conducive to RV travel in the various Provinces. The Client may then conclude a new Contract with Terego and will then be subject to the terms of use of the new Contract, which may differ from the present Contract.

m) In compliance with consumer protection rules and regulations, Terego may cancel the Contract upon prior notice to the Client, if the latter fails to abide by the stipulations of this Contract, notably in the case of not abiding to the commitments towards hosts, as reported to Terego by affected Hosts.

Article 3. Service access technical issues

In order to fully benefit from the online content, Terego recommends the use of navigation engines fully complying with the most recent web standards. The latter being subject to ongoing technological evolutions, Terego cannot guarantee that navigation engines will be compatible at all times with the Platform. In case of compatibility issues, Terego commits to re-establish Platform compatibility in reasonable time; however, Terego will not be held responsible for service interruptions due to technological modifications to navigation engines.

The Client is solely responsible to have or acquire the necessary equipment allowing internet access to the Platform. In case of technical difficulties, the Client may contact Terego at info@terego.ca. However, Terego does not guarantee nor does it commit to solve the Client’s equipment technical difficulties.

Article 4. Secure information

Terego will do its best to ensure that personal and confidential information exchanged between the Client and the Platform will not be intercepted nor altered fraudulently.

Article 5. Copyright protection

The online digital data and all elements of the Platform (notably texts, comments, images and pictures, logos, iconographic documents) are subject to copyright as per the Copyright Act. Terego reserves the right to undertake any necessary action in case of violation of its rights and any violation by the Client will be considered as a violation of this Contract.

The Client commits to maintain confidentiality of the information provided to access the Platform (user name and password) and to avoid divulge this information in any form to a third party.

Article 6. Limited responsibilities

Terego will in no case be held responsible for service breakdowns due to features and limits of the internet network, notably in the case of access network breakdowns and technical performance and response time delays in consulting the Platform digital content.

Because of the inherent technical characteristics of the internet, Terego does not offer any guarantee against misuse, intrusion, contamination or piracy of your data, files and programs. It is the Client’s responsibility to take any necessary measures in order to protect his own data, files and programs, and to prevent against any form of malware.

The safety and obligations related to the RV parking spaces being made available to Clients are the sole responsibility of Hosts.

Article 7. Jurisdiction

The Contract is bound by the laws of the Province of Quebec and the applicable laws of Canada. Any litigation between the parties to the Contract will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Province of Quebec courts of law.

By proceeding with your registration for using the platform, you declare having read and understood the present terms of use for member travellers and deemed having accepted them.

Annex 1

Collection and protection of personal information policy

Please read carefully our collection and protection of personal information policy before using the web platform.

Terego (« We ») pay particular attention to the protection of your personal information. We wish to make our experience on our web site www.terroirenver.ca (the « Platform ») and your utilisation of our services as enjoyable as possible. This policy aims at protecting the personal information of Terego Clients and explains how we collect, use and communicate your personal information on the Platform. This policy does not apply to employees’ and suppliers’ personal information.

1. Introduction. Use of the Platform is subject to this present Policy. If you access our Platform and use use it, you agree to be bound by the modalities and conditions described in this document. If you do not accept to be bound by these modalities and conditions, then please do not access our Platform nor use it.

2. Collection of your personal information. We only collect personal information which is relevant and necessary to establish, manage and maintain our relation with you and to finalise transactions that you make on our Platform.

Before using the Terego services, you need to register and provide your name, home address, email address and your phone number.

3. Use of your personal information. We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Finalise transactions that you make on our Platform (please note that we use the external Paypal system/service to finalise your membership payment and that this service is bound by its own terms and conditions); and

  • Transmit to Hosts the necessary information for your reservation of a parking space.

Your personal information will not be used for other purposes that those identified above, unless you provide explicit consent or if required by law.

4. Transmission of your personal information. We understand that, except in the cases and under the conditions described below, the transmission of your personal information to a third party requires your consent. We may however, without your approval, transmit your personal information if authorized or required by law.

Every time that we will have to divulge some of your personal information, we will ensure to divulge the minimum information required.

Please note that if the third party to which we transmit some of your personal information works in a foreign jurisdiction, local legislation may allow access to your personal information otherwise, without your consent.

5. Storage of your personal information. We maintain your personal information only for the period necessary for its intended use, to comply with legal storage requirements, and for the period necessary to the protection of legitimate commercial interests.

6. Consent withdrawal. You may at any time withdraw your consent to collect, use and transmit your personal information, subject to applicable legal and contractual restrictions, and subject to the transmission of a reasonable notice. Please note that if you withdraw your consent to collect, use or transmit your personal information, we will not be in a position to provide the services covered by this service contract.

You may withdraw at any time your consent to be so contacted, by sending an email notice with the term ‘ Consent withdrawal’ in the subject matter at: info@terego.ca.

7. Use of navigation software. During your visit on our Platform, it is possible that we use a particular feature of web navigation systems, known as « cookies», to anonymously collect information in order to establish your visitor profile on our Platform. A cookie is a small text file which contains a unique identification number identifying the navigator - and not the user - to our computers each time you visit our Platform.

Your use of the Platform allows us to automatically compile information relating to your user profile. We use this information to adapt our Platform to your preferences and to compile statistics on the access and use of our Platform in order to improve it.

If you wish, you may configure your navigator to warn you when you receive cookies, or to refuse them. You do not need to accept cookies to visit our Platform. However, if you refuse them, you may not be able to use some features of our Platform.

8. Data protection and accuracy. Terego has established a series of security features aimed at protecting your personal information against loss or theft, and against unauthorized perusal, transmission, reproduction, use and modification. These security features include reasonable physical, administrative and technological measures as related to the data sensitivity, use, quantity, location and support.

We also recognize that personal information needs to be exact, complete and up-to-date and we take reasonable measures to ensure accuracy and thoroughness of information being used or transmitted. However, it is your responsibility to inform us of any significant personal information change that could take place during our commercial relationship. If you believe that your account has been tampered or misused or that its security has been compromised, please contact us immediately.

9. How to access and update your information. You have the right to ask for access and consultation of your personal information. You can also ask that your personal information be rectified if incorrect, incomplete, ambiguous, or if its collection, transmission or storage is not authorized by law.

You may also update your personal information at any time, when logging into your account on the Platform.

Any questions of concerns related to this Policy, or about collection, use or transmission of your personal information, including requests for access or modification, can be made to: info@terego.ca

10. Modification the present Policy. Terego reserves the right to modify the content of this Policy at any time. Any change made will be publicised on the Platform. The latest version date appears on top of the first page. We recommend that you print a copy of this Policy for your files and that you visit this section of our Platform periodically.

Annex 2

Commitments towards hosts

The Client agrees, towards Hosts, to abide by the following:

1. Be 18 years old or more and possess a valid driver’s license.

2. Use an RV compliant with the service:

a) The use of the Platform is limited to Travellers using a self-contained RV. In other words, the RV must be equipped with water, power, toilet, gray and black water tanks. The dumping of any gray or black water, and flushing/cleaning of tanks on Host premises is prohibited. It is not allowed to fill the water tank at Hosts premises.

b) Self-contained RVs described in the previous paragraph can be: Class A, B, B+ or C motorhomes, truck campers, minivans (with sanitary installation), travel trailers and Fifth wheels.

c) It is not permitted to use Hosts free parking spaces with a tent trailer, or any tent, regardless if it is mounted on the ground, on top of a motor vehicle or in a truck box. Hybrid caravan is permitted if not unhitched from the vehicle during the stopover.

d) Westfalia and other minivans are permitted, if the vehicles have a portable toilet and a container for waste water.

3. Do not unhitch the caravan or trailer from the vehicle, unless explicitly allowed by the Host.

4. Do not use a generator or a barbecue, unless explicitly allowed by the Host.

5. Make sure to protect the Host’s premises (terrain) at all times, including when using levelers. In case of doubt, check first with the Host.

6. Upon arrival, show your member card to the Host or his staff; making sure that your membership is valid for the proposed period of use.

7. Abide by the specific conditions or terms of use published by the Host - Host information on the reservation Platform – (for example: no domestic animals, latest arrival time permitted, etc.)

8. Do not make excessive noise at Host’s premises or disturb otherwise the quietness of the premises.

9. Maintain the premises clean and in good condition, including not to make fire or leave waste.

10. Do not show up at a Host’s premises and ask for an overnight parking space without prior reservation on the web Platform.

11. In case of an impossibility to show up at the Host’s premises, cancel the reservation on the web Platform as soon as possible. This will inform the Host and allow him to free up the parking space for other members. If the Client cannot cancel the web reservation for any reason, he must advise Terego by email at info@terego.ca as soon as possible.

12. Be adequately insured for your vehicle, including for damages that the vehicle could cause to the Host’s premises.

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