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  • Am I paid when a traveler parks at my business for an overnight stay?

    No compensation is paid to producers.  Terego is committed to promoting its member producers on the Internet, social networks, traditional media, trade shows, etc. In addition, according to a 2017 survey of member producers, travelers spend an average of $35 per stop.

  • Can I determine the availability of my parking spaces?

    Absolutely! The season starts on May1st and ends on October 31st. By default, parking is available within this period, but you can block it off according to your needs. For example, if you open later in the season, if you have private events, or if some days are too busy to accommodate RVs, you can block off these dates by logging into your member profile. You can change your availability at any time, unless you already have a reservation. To give you more flexibility, travelers can not book more than 30 days in advance. If an event beyond your control prevents you from honoring a reservation, contact us at 514-750-7654 or info@terego.ca.

  • Do I have to offer the same facilities as a campsite (campfire, toilets, etc.)

    No. Host producers offer free RV parking, without additional RV services or a campground. At the time of registration, member travelers commit to travel completely self-contained, so you do not have to offer them water, electricity, dumping service or toilets. If you already have a campfire site, it's up to you to determine if travelers can use it.

  • I’m afraid that hosting RV travelers will take me too much time.

    As with all your other visitors, hospitality is important. A customer who has received a warm welcome will talk about you and help spread the word about your business. But hosting an Terego traveler will not take much time. When an Terego traveler shows up, just ask for their membership card or confirmation of their reservation and show them their RV parking space. This is also an excellent opportunity to give them information about the farm, for example: where they can walk around, if there are paid tours, if use of the barbecue is permitted, etc. It is important to inform your staff so that they are able to facilitate the reception of travelers in your absence.

  • What if a traveler wants to stay longer?

    Terego is an RV parking reservation platform for a one-night stop. We want to get your name out to a larger number of people. We recommend that you keep promotional brochures of campsites in the region. Thus, if a traveler likes your area and wants to stay longer, you can refer them to these campsites and participate in regional tourism development!

  • What time do RV travelers normally arrive?

    It's up to you to determine the latest arrival time for travelers. This maximum time will be added to your online profile and the traveler agrees to arrive before that time. For example, if your shop closes at 5:00pm, you can ask the traveler to arrive before 4:00pm. Sometimes a traveler might have a long drive during the day and might not arrive before the latest time you have indicated. In these cases, we ask them to call you. You will be able to tell them the location of the parking space and invite them to meet you at the shop the next morning.

  • Who can become a member?

    You can become an Terego host if you run a Canadian company that produces, processes or sells local produce, or a Canadian company that offers regional-style tourism activities. Parking spaces offered to RV travelers must be on flat ground, in a charming and easily accessible environment.


  • Who can subscribe?

    Any traveler who travels across Canada in a self-contained RV may subscribe, including rented vehicles.  Your RV must be self-contained (power, water, toilet, grey and black water tanks) as offered parking spaces have no facilities. The dumping of any gray or black water, and flushing/cleaning of tanks on Producer premises is prohibited. It is not allowed to fill the water tank at Producers premises.

    Therefore, Class A, B and C motor homes (also called camper vans or camping cars), Fifth wheels, truck campers, minivans (with sanitary installation)  and travel trailers are generally allowed.

    Tent-trailers are not authorized because it is not allowed to unpin RVs in parking spaces. Hybrid caravan is permitted if not unhitched from the vehicle.

    Westfalia and other minivans are permitted, if the vehicles have a portable toilet and a container for waste water.

  • Can I subscribe if I travel with a trailer?

    Of course! Trailers (fifth-wheels, travel trailers, truck campers) are welcome in the Network if they are self-contained. You must consider the total length of your trailer with the towing vehicle when you book a parking spot. Parking size is always shown in the producer’s files. Nearly 2/3  of the parking spots can accommodate any length RV.

    It is  prohibited to unpin a trailer or fifth wheel during your stay. Remember the the network put in place by Terego is a parking network without hookups, allowing members to make a stopover during a long journey, and/or allowing a member to meet a local producer and discover his products and services. These are not campgrounds. These parking spaces being offered free of charge by the network producers, they expect visitors to be interested by their site. To unpin a trailer and leave to visit the areas with your vehicle would be inappropriate in such circumstances.

    Tents and tent trailers are not permitted.

  • May I travel with my dog?

    85% of the host producers accept pets on the parking lots, if on a leash. It’s always indicated on the producer’s file. When you search for producers you can ask for “pets allowed” only. Please be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your pets.

  • When can I book?

    The booking season runs from May 1st to October 31st. You can book up to 30 days in advance… or the same day. Note that if you book the same day, the producer may not have seen the notification email upon your arrival.

  • May I stay 2 consecutive nights at the same producer ?

    No. The system does not allow to reserve two consecutive dates at the same producer, in order to allow a greater number of travelers to visit this business.

  • Do some producers offer hydro and water ? I would even be willing to pay for these services.

    Hydro, fresh water and used water services are not offered at all. Remember that the network developed by Terego is a network of parking spaces and not a network of campgrounds. We recommend to producers to avoid making arrangements for the provision of any of these services to travelers. The general principle underpinning the development of the Terego parking spaces network is to promote among the RV community access to cost-efficient and successful vacations. We suggest that member travelers build mixed circuits, combining free stopovers in our network, longer stays in parks or private campgrounds, etc. It will result in diversified and enjoyable vacations.

  • May I use my generator ?

    No, use of a generator is prohibited according to the rules. This aims at maintaining the quietness of the premises for producers and their staff as well as for clients/visitors. However, you may ask the producer directly and perhaps an agreement can be reached.

  • How to identify myself upon arrival at the producer’s place?

    Meet the producer or his staff and show you member card to identify yourself. Enquire if there are specific expectations from the producer concerning parking spaces. Abide by the specific conditions (permissible time of arrival, etc.) and show respect for the quietness of the premises, including during the business after-hours. Use of BBQ and generators is not allowed, except if the producer specifically authorizes you to do so. Advise the producer of your departure and use the opportunity to thank him and his staff. Courtesy is always appreciated.

  • Should I contact the producer before showing up at his place ?

    No. The parking space reservation is done through the Terego Internet platform. As soon as a member traveler books a reservation, a confirmation email is sent to the producer and his member space is updated. Transmitted information include the traveler’s name, member number, phone number, RV model and license plate number (or the locator’s name if applicable). Reservation cancellations are treated the same way on the internet platform.

  • What are the arrival and departure times?

    The host producers expect travellers to arrive during the opening hours of their shop or kiosk in order to welcome you and indicate RV sites. Thus, many producers have a maximum arrival time based on their reality at work and their family life. This maximum time is indicated on the producers' profile. If you have a hitch on the road and you expect to arrive later, we ask you to call the producer to notify him. You will find the phone number in your reservation confirmation email. This way, they won't wait for you unnecessarily and can tell you on the phone where to park when you arrive.

    There is no departure time set by Terego. We want you to enjoy the place and discover what the producer has to offer. When you arrive, while you show your member's card to the producer or his employees, they will inform you if they have an expectation regarding the time of departure.

  • Do I have to purchase products?

    Since producers receive no financial compensation for the parking they offer, it is the least we can do to show interest in their products and to encourage them. If you arrive late at night, take a moment the next morning before you leave to find out what the producer has to offer. Terego overnight stops are not free parking as Walmart's parking lots can be, but rather privileged opportunities to discover the region and its artisans.

  • I have booked a reservation at a given producer but I cannot go. What should I do ?

    You need to connect to your member space and access your reservation list. There is a cancellation button at the right of each reservation. When you cancel a reservation, an email in immediately sent to the producer and his file is updated. We urge you to limit to the extent possible last minute cancellations in order to avoid penalizing other travelers by blocking parking spaces. If you cancel a booking on the same day, please also notify the producer directly by phone.

  • I received an exceptional service, the environment was most agreeable and I would like to share this experience. How should I do ?

    Several means are at your disposal. Do not hesitate to:

    Write a comment on the producer profile page on our website.

    Talk to to friends, family, neighbours, etc.

    Share your positive experience on your Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

    Also share your experience on the RVing in Terroir Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TeregoCanada/ and the producer’s.

    Write to us at info@terego.ca.

  • Are tents and tent trailers eligible?

    It is not permitted to use Producers free parking spaces with a tent trailer, or any tent, regardless if it is mounted on the ground, on top of a motor vehicle or in a truck box. Hybrid caravan is permitted if not unhitched from the vehicle during the stopover.

    Producers offer parking spaces with no services and it is a network of stopovers and not a network of campgrounds. It is also not allowed to unpin RVs on the parking space and install yourself as if you were camping. Unfortunately, as tent-trailers need to unpin from the vehicle in order to open extensions, we cannot authorize their use in the network.

  • I do not envision to make any more reservations for the remainder of the year and my membership is still valid. May I lend my card to a friend to allow him to text the network ?

    At time of purchase, the member has to accept the Terms of use that make up the binding contract with RVing in Terroir. This contract is not transferrable. It is also not permissible to loan, rent or sell a membership to a third party.

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